T-Shirt Facts

Each racer is given a T-shirt as part of their registration packet. Over 20 years, they have been different colors, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, etc. They always proudly display the sponsors of MJ's Race and our logo.


MJ's T-Shirt Locations

MJ's Race T-Shirts can be found on the backs of skiiers and ski fans alike all over. But, there have been some hikers who have left MJ's T-shirt at the top of some impressive summits.

MJ T-shirts have been left at:

  • The Matterhorn, Italy/Switzerland
  • Mt. Rainier, Washington State
  • The Grand Teton, Jackson Hole
  • Huascaran, Pero
  • Langtang Region, Nepal
  • Mt. Everest, Nepal


If you know of other places where MJ's T-shirt has traveled, let us know!