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Winners of Past MJ Races


Men's Winners
19th annual Mar-11 Ryan Gregory, MWV
18th annual Mar-10 Warner Nickerson, DTL
17th annual Mar-09 Tavis Moonan, WILL
16th annual Mar-08 Michael Cremeno, UNH
15th annual Mar-07 Sean McNamara
14th annual Mar-06 Joe Dunn
13th annual Mar-05 Sean McNamara, BBTS
12th annual Mar-04 Sean McNamara, BBTS
11th annual Mar-03 Sean McNamara, BBTS
10th annual Mar-02 Warner Nickerson
9th annual Dec-00 Matt Hoisington
8th annual Jan-00 Jesse Worobel
7th annual Dec-98 Mike Curtis
6th annual Dec-97 Ivar Dahl
5th annual Dec-96 Andy Martin
4th annual Dec-95 Andy Martin
3rd annual Dec-94 Giff Burwapp
2nd annual Dec-93 Mike Curtis
1st annual Dec-92 Mike Curtis
Women's Winners